Here is a sampling of programs/resources that promote literacy and a brief overview of each. 

  • CAST: Universal Design for Learning. This is the link to the Learning tools. Pages of high interest are below. 
    • UDL Editions: Free models for presenting literature with support for low decoders and comprehenders. 
    • UDL Book Builder: Free site where you can create, share, and publish digital books. 
  • SOLO: Read Out Loud, a sophisticated text to speech software, has thousands of commonly taught books available and is a powerful tool for low decoders, comprehenders, and students who struggle with vocabulary. Internet material is easily accessible! 
  • Book Share: This is the warehouse for downloading books to SOLO’s Read Out loud. It is also offers a free eReader (see second link) that is comparable to SOLO’s.
  • Read2Go: Read2Go is an app for apple devices that links to your bookshare library for easy downloading.
  • Kurzweil: Comprehensive reading and writing software for struggling readers. Scan in any text and it becomes easily accessible to students with learning disabilities. 
  • Read Naturally: A leveled reading fluency program that can be offered entirely on the computer. It allows for individualized non-controlled text and comprehension question. Students engage in the two major research based practices that increase fluency – rereading and modeling. and click on the video on the left hand side of the page.
  • Learning Ally: Free to those with IEPs and all their books can be accessed through audio files!