While working in a school with the resources and wherewithal to integrate cutting-edge technology into the LD classroom, it was obvious that a need existed in the broader community. Not all independent LD schools have strong fundraising capabilities, but all independent LD school are capable of instituting bold digitial initiatives in their classrooms. Seeing first hand the incredible impact of programs like 1:1 laptops, SOLO Suite software for every student, live scribe pens in action, and comprehensive teacher training modules, has sparked the need to extend these initiatives to students in the broader community. The co-founders of Integrated Classrooms have seen a void waiting to be filled throughout the nation.

Thus, Integrated Classrooms was born in 2010. Since then, IC has consulted with scores of schools conferences in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Texas, Florida, Boston, and beyond. Based upon the abundant interest and need, IC spent 2012 laying the foundation for pilot schools in the North East and further a foot. Because of their strong network, IC’s work has impacted educators from as far away as Australia, China, Hawaii, and Poland!

Chris Herman

Rick Castorani