Welcome to Integrated Classrooms! Here you will find featured technology tools that are good for every student, but especially helpful for children with literacy needs.  To see featured tools, click on “Featured Tech” and scroll by discipline.

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Our Mission…

Integrated Classrooms strives to promote the effective integration of technology in classrooms that serve students with language based learning disabilities as well as regular ed classrooms where teachers could leverage technology as a tool for differentiation. Using a system of research-based evaluation, implementation, and reflective methodologies, we identify tools that meet student needs, facilitate teacher growth, and promote development and leadership as a means to challenge learning communities who are looking to acquire the collaborative skills necessary to achieve success.

Our site…

On our site, you will find an overview of research-based technologies we have found most effective in meeting student needs and facilitating teacher growth. Although we have organized our technologies by content area, they often blur the lines between subjects and many of the resources listed are applicable to a variety of subjects and activities.